Our Approach

Science and innovation are the backbones of our company. We believe in a scientific approach to understanding the multiple variables that influence clothing appearance and fit. This is a field at the intersection of geometric modeling, anthropometry, mechanics of body motion, and the physics of clothing. We want to encapsulate all this complexity in a system that is reliable, simple to use, convenient and accessible to all online shoppers.


Our Story

The work on FitURight began on November 2015, when its founder decided to put a full-time effort to the development of the innovative software needed to turn his vision into reality. It was a path with several detours and road blocks to be conquered. Now, FitURight is gearing up to showcase its product, gather customer support, and partner with investors to continue pushing its technology forward.

Meet the Team

Murilo Coutinho


Murilo Coutinho has extensive knowledge managing and developing animation and modeling software for the entertainment industry, with credits on multiple movies from Sony Pictures and Walt Disney Animation. He authored four Sony patents and published two books on simulation with Springer-Verlag. He has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, a M.S. in Computer Sciences and a MBA, all from USC. His passion for FitURight started a while back with the struggle and frustration of his wife trying to buy clothes online, at a time when free return shipping wasn’t a common option. When not working on FitURight, Murilo likes to spend time with his family and play video games with his children.