FitURight was acquired by the AI Foundation!

Buying clothes online is about to get a lot easier.

Choose the clothes you want and let FitURight do all the work to pick the size that fits you. FitURight lets you virtually try-on different clothing models and sizes on an avatar of your actual body (not just an approximation). You can visually inspect if the fit is too loose, too tight, or just about right, as your avatar moves around in a virtual environment.


Check out our prototype demonstration of FitURight's virtual try-on technology on a Windows-based system. The production version (currently in development) will run on AR-capable smartphones.

It is all about you. The whole you.

FitURight analyzes the individual shape and proportions of your body to provide meaningful recommendations that will fit well on you. Your avatar is created using an AR-capable smartphone from the comfort and privacy of your home. At the end of a scan session, FitURight automatically builds an accurate 3D model of your body and extracts several tailor-like measurements.


In this video, we show how to setup and execute a scan session with our prototype system, using the Kinect sensor. The production version (currently in development) replaces the Kinect with AR-capable smartphones for body scanning.

Reduce returns. Increase your satisfaction.

Knowing the clothing size on its own is not enough to determine a good fit. FitURight is working on a suite of tools to help retailers create 3D models of clothes from their corresponding 2D patterns. This build process captures all the details and nuances of a clothing design. You can try-on these 3D models on your avatar. FitURight uses the material properties of the fabric to calculate the clothing dynamics in real-time, as your body moves through the virtual environment.


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Be part of the community that is helping FitURight improve its recommendation engine. FitURight's prototype is available to download for free now.

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